Age: 22

Previous University (s): Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

“Roman is studying at the EUBA for a second year. Last autumn he went to Bratislava, first time abroad, to chase his dreams and ambitions.  A year has passed, he is a seasoned traveler now, and we ask him to share a story about his journeys so far”.

Hey, Roman, why don’t you introduce yourself in a couple of words?

Hey! I’m Roman, a student in the EUBA; born in Berezhany, a small town near Ternopil. My lifestyle is active and dynamic: I’m keenly interested in sports, music and history. Most of all I enjoy travelling and degusting various national cuisines.

When did you realize that the road is calling, and it’s a good idea to push your luck abroad?

There was a point in my life when I realized that in Ukraine I’ve seen everything. I was eager to something new, to try myself in a completely new environment. Guess that’s because of a kind of a person I am: unable to sit in one place for too long.

I was always dreaming about travelling, just wanted to see on my own eyes all these places I’ve read about. The realization that exploring world will be rather hard if I stay in Ukraine defined a necessity of a cardinal change.

What has changed after living in Slovakia for a year? What have you learned about yourself?

I’d never been abroad before going to Slovakia. I remember how much I anticipated seeing a different country for the first time. Many things have changed for the past year. Most notably, I’ve finally started actualizing my travelling ambitions.

What countries have you visited so far? What were you doing? Is it even possible to travel while studying?

It’s not only about where I’ve been, but what I’ve done J So I visited our wonderful neighbors in Poland, had a walk in the incomparably beautiful Vienna, tasted a great boggrass (in Hungary, obviously), local Czech breweries trip, Tour de France series in Germany, crystal clear heavenly Greek shores, boat trips through the perplexing city canals in Holland, famous Belgian waffles, a rich Macedonian cuisine – mind you, sir, all this in one year.

Also, I’ve been almost everywhere in Slovakia. Here are indeed so many places worth visiting. And the main perk is that train tickets are free for the students. So you may just get into a train and go wherever, anytime.

My friends and relatives are wondering how I handle travelling so much – they think that I’m not studying at all. This absolutely isn’t the case. Education in Slovakia is different from the one in Ukraine, it grants you a potential to plan your leisure more freely.

So you study finance. How do you see your career: sticking to finance? Business? Something else?

I was studying finance in Kyiv, so let’s say I’m fairly familiar with the matter. I see my future in a financial department of an international enterprise. Such career would allow me to grow as a professional of my trade. Own business? – Why not, I have some peculiar ideas, but that’s for the future.

How exactly the Scholarship in Slovakia program helped you achieve your goals? Was it a right choice to sign in?

Scholarship in Slovakia was instrumental in making my plans, ideas and dreams come true. Above all, I’ve finally became financially independent, learnt how to manage my cash flow in a better and smarter way.

Absolutely no regrets for signing in. Perhaps, the happiest and most defining finding so far.