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Program to support Ukrainian students studying at Slovak universities was established in 2015 as one of the projects in support of education in the Penta Foundation. The primary motivation for its creation was at that time the situation in Ukraine, which is still suffering from civil conflict in the east of country. We have therefore decided to support the brightest students in their quest to study at prestigious universities in Slovakia in the form of scholarships and study grants.
We currently support six students at several faculties, and this year we are ready to support even more. Read the stories of selected students in our program.

Penta Foundation

We value the environment we work in. Our social responsibility projects are focused on finding the common ground between our goals and the interests of the community around us.

We build on the tradition of the Penta Foundation, whose projects since 2002 donated more than EUR 3.5 million to education, healthcare, sport, culture and science.


Penta is originally a Central European investment group founded in 1994, specializing in long-term value investing. Today, the Group actively develops companies and projects, primarily in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and real estate.

Having grown from a local to international company, Penta operates in more than 10 markets across Europe, providing more than 32,000 jobs through investee companies. Penta owns assets of EUR 8.5 billion and focuses on businesses in which it can use its expertise, and takes a very active part in managing the investments and companies in portfolio.

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