Regína Remenárová directs the Institute of Livelong Learning at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (ILL STU). Among the other great initiatives, the Institute maintains a Language Centre, which offers a wide range of educational options for those willing to learn Slovak language.”

In this article, Ms. Remenárová tells us more about one of the best opportunities to master Slovak – an “Intensive Slovak Language Module” at the STU ILL.

As you may know, Penta Scholarship in Slovakia program may fully cover the tuition fee of the “Intensive Slovak Language Module”. Therefore, information provided by Ms. Remenárová may be interesting for our applicants.


Ms. Remenárová, thank you kindly for your time. To start with, would you please introduce the STU Intensive Slovak Language Courses to our readers?

The STU Intensive Slovak Language Program was designed specifically for the foreigners who are willing to proceed with their studies in Slovak language.

It is by far the most comprehensive program we offer, as it covers 640 academic hours (2 semesters) and grants the student advanced operational skills of Slovak language. So that our graduates can study under the same conditions with local Slovak students.

How the courses are held?

This is a full-time module, meaning that we have 5 courses every day (morning and afternoon), from Monday till Friday. For this purpose, we have several staff lecturers, specializing in teaching Slovak as a foreign language. One academic group consists of 10-12 students on average. After two semesters of studies we have a final assessment in form of final test and controlled interview.

Of course, we benefit from the capabilities of the STU: courses are held in modern spacious air-conditioned classrooms at the city center; we use advanced PC and audio systems, overhead projectors.

What are the main advantages of learning Slovak with the STU “Intensive Slovak Language Module” in comparison with other options?

We have so much to offer! To start with, an important aspect of our module is adaptability. We are greatly adjusting the contents of our module to the needs of a given academic group. Hence, apart from the disciplines covering general Slovak language, our students may request designated subjects of Slovak terminology on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, etc.

Also, we develop a personal approach to our students, given their geographical background. Obviously, learning Slovak in easier for Slovenians or Ukrainians, than, for instance, for Vietnamese or Bangladeshis (given the differences in mother tongue). So we adapt accordingly.

Second thing that is worth mentioning, is that we may provide assistance on a more general level. We offer accommodation in STU’s dormitory “Juraja Hronca”, which is roughly 200 meters away from the building in which the lectures are held. By the way, we may accommodate you in a 2-beds room with a Slovak student, so that you would get used to the language faster :)

We ease the adaptation process for our students, offering detailed guidance and consulting on topics like everyday life in Slovakia (transport, insurance, medical care), work and educational opportunities, bureaucratic formalities. We also assist our students with their university application process (in particular, to the STU.) We may organize a meeting with the members of faculty staff, provide advice on the entrance examination, etc. Various trips and excursions for our students are organized: Gabčíkovo, Banská Štiavnica, High Tatras, and other locations.

Usually, I also add that the price of our courses is reasonable, but since Ukrainian students have it covered by your scholarship, I won’t need to.

What would be your advice for the future applicants? How to apply for the language courses?

First of all, visit our web-page to learn more about the application process. We do not have a strict deadline for applications, just keep in mind that the studies start in mid-September. However, I would suggest applying in May-June, so that all the visa procedures may be solved easily.

If you had a chance to address Ukrainian students directly, what would you tell them?

Our experience suggests that Ukrainians are very determined, and that they learn Slovak language effectively. We are very much looking forward to accept more students from Ukraine. We will provide you with the best of our assistance and knowledge.

STU Intensive Slovak Language Course presents the most comprehensive way to learn Slovak language and open big opportunities for education and work in Slovakia.  We encourage you to contact us if you are interested.