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The Scholarship may cover a full year of STU Intensive Slovak Language courses!

Institute of Lifelong Learning of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (for the official web-page click here) – offers an intensive course of Slovak language for those students who wish to study at selected university in Slovak language.

The graduate will gain the required (advanced) level of language skills (i.e., reading comprehension, comprehensive listening, and basic oral and written communication) by means of instructional materials and lessons.

Upon finishing the course, you would be proficient at basic professional and technical terminology from your academic area and will be able to study under the same conditions as Slovak students.

Basic information about the course:

640 teaching hours (one teaching hour – 45 min); Course is divided into two semesters: Winter semester (October – January) 320 hours and Summer semester (February – May) 320 hours. Lessons are held every working day from Monday to Friday, 4 lessons per day – 20 lessons per week. The minimum number of participants per course is 6 students.


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Dr. Laura Gressnerová (M.A.) Institute of Lifelong Learning

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Vazovova 5
812 43 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Tel.:  +421 917 669 198
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