“In this article, Ms. Rostas would tell everything you would like to know about the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She would share her excitement about the brilliant FMFI graduates and encourage you to join their numbers”. 


Ms. Rostas, thank you kindly for agreeing to answer a couple of questions here. First of all, may you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Kristína Rostás and since January 2017 I’m holding position of a vice-dean for graduate studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Introduction to the faculty and its prestige:

I would define the main mission of the faculty as follows: “an expansion of scientific knowledge in mathematics, physics and informatics, as well as preparation of the high-class teachers in these academic fields”.

The CU FMFI is the best natural sciences faculty in Slovakia, according to the Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA). This assessment is based on the publicly available and veryfiable data that covers the two basic factors: education (i.e. numbers of students, teachers, academic engagement) and research (number of publications and quotations, grants and PhD studies). It is worth mentioning that Comenius University belongs to the top 2% best universities globally.

Surely, such a recognition for our university and our faculty is also owing to our students’ merits.

On faculty’s academic policy and domains, where CU FMFI graduates succeed:

Multidisciplinary character of our faculty is among its big advantages. CU FMFI’s policy is not only to secure a deep knowledge in a chosen study specialization, but to ensure the flexibility of such knowledge. So our graduates may easily focus on interdisciplinary issues, work in teams, apply measurement and computing on professional levels.

Partly due to this aspect, our faculty members and graduates are able to advance internationally in areas, such as: elemental particles and nuclear matter research (at CERN, GSI Darmstadt, others), extraterrestrial bodies identification and research, quantum computing, bioinformatics, discrete mathematics, mathematics of dynamic systems and many others, of course.

In addition to contributing significantly to the global conquest for a scientific knowledge, our graduates occupy top financial positions in Slovakia and worldwide. This is because of high standards of our academic programs in economic and financial mathematics, insurance mathematics, and management mathematics.

The IT solutions developed by our programmers contribute, among many other things, to the security of computer systems in all areas of human activity; to preservation of cultural heritage through creation of virtual museums or other locations.

Likewise, our physicists haven’t limited their endeavors to research neither. For instance, we know about their active participation in construction of the Apollo bridge in Bratislava; monitoring the seismic and radiation activity in the region; surface treatment of materials by plasma or by implants.

We have our people succeeding everywhere: in the R&D teams all over the world; working in the top laboratories, or on executive positions in banks and investment funds; in the leading software companies, innovative enterprises and startups; affiliated with world’s top-10 academic institutions; engaged in energy and automotive industries, advertisement and creative professions.

On international cooperation:

Under the wide framework of cooperation agreements featuring our faculty, our students may spend part of their studies at the top foreign academic institutions. In addition to this, our students constantly engage in international projects involving our faculty members.

On faculty’s research capacities:

The CU FMFI has modern research capabilities. Among our laboratories: the CU Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory in Modra, the Center of Excellence in Complex Systems Physics, and a Tandem Accelerator Laboratory.

On harmonious development of students:

It is important for the faculty to create means of a balanced self-development for our students, who are known to be very successful in academic sport competitions and tournaments.

Also, at our faculty functions a support center for students with specific needs (e.g., for the visually impaired students). We are trying to ensure the quality education opportunities for everyone.

On foreign students and Ukrainian students in particular:

We currently have 12 full-time foreign students. The largest representation is from Ukraine, some other nationalities are Malta, Greece, Austria, Serbia and Philippines. The recent trend is positive; we expect a further increase in the number of our foreign students.

This year CU FMFI offers three English-speaking Master study programs. Of course, Ukrainian students may also apply for studies in Slovak.

We have a very positive experience regarding applicants and students from Ukraine. They are quick to adapt and learn the language. Therefore, most of them are studying in Slovak.

It is wonderful that “Scholarship in Slovakia” program provides Ukrainian students with such opportunities to study and explore new horizons.

The faculty also benefits greatly from Ukrainian applicants, as we are able and willing to gather the best students not only from Slovakia, but beyond.