Age: 21

Previous University (s): University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine / Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Hey, Yulia, we are excited to have you in the program. Could you briefly introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello. I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ve just started pursuing my master degree “International Finance” at the University of Economics in Bratislava.

What would be your expectations from the program, EUBA, and your stay in Bratislava in general?

I am truly looking forward to my stay in Bratislava and to my involvement in the program. I think that Penta Foundation creates a great opportunity for young and ambitious students to obtain a European degree in Slovak universities. Furthermore, we may enhance that valuable academic knowledge in Penta Investments during the voluntary internship.

In general, after living in Slovakia for 2 years already, I may surely tell that I enjoy it here.

So you’re not new to Slovakia. How does your previous university compare to EUBA so far?

I have completed my bachelor degree in the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, and I really enjoyed the time spent there.

So far, EUBA has met all my expectations. It’s been only a couple of weeks, and we are already going deep into tax policy implications, financial programs executed by the IMF, international finance and other subjects. I find every subject very engaging, because professors have alternative approaches to lecturing. Most of the lessons are held in a form of discussion, which is crucial for a high-quality education from my prospective.

Was it easy to move to another country? Was there something that surprised you in Slovakia?

For me it was quite easy. Studying in Europe was my dream long since childhood. And now it came true. I like traveling, always eager to discover new cultures and meet new people.

I also like organizing things. Moving to Slovakia was yet another project in my life, which must have been organized and perfectly implemented into reality.

Slovakia surprised me – there are so many places worth visiting! Cities like Bratislava, Nitra or Bojnice are full of amazing historical buildings and cozy places to have a cup of coffee. And if you enjoy nature then High Tatras are a perfect destination.

How about the drawbacks? 

Sometimes there is a language barrier in communication. Don’t get me wrong, Slovaks are very friendly and open!  I think it would be great if more people would use English in communication with foreigners, even though I am keen to improve my Slovak.

How does your cooperation with the benefactor (Penta Foundation) look like?

First of all, Penta Foundation has provided me with all of the information about the program, scholarship and internship opportunities. I am constantly in touch with the company representatives.

As I was told, my scholarship is based only on the proper academic achievements and university attendance. Apart from that, there are no obligations from my part.

What are your plans for this year?

For this year I have many great plans. I would focus on my studies. Also, I am improving my Slovak now.  I really want to attend as many interesting professional events as possible.