Why Slovakia

Meet Slovakia

So what do you know about Slovakia, Ukraine’s Western neighbor? A small country, with an area of 49,035 km2 (roughly 1,5 times Kyiv oblast) and a population of 5,5 million (roughly two times Kyiv city); peaceful and friendly people, one of the safest states in region (ranked 26th in the 2016 Global Peace Index).

The nature is breathtaking – 9 natural parks; countryside is full of picturesque towns and villages; around 190 castles and manors are compressed into Slovakia. Language and culture are similar to the neighboring countries: Ukraine, Poland, Czechia.

EU Degree, Easy Employment

By graduating a Slovak university you get an EU diploma, which opens countless opportunities in Europe and beyond. Unemployment rate in Bratislava region is only 5,5% – companies are fiercely competing for the talented graduates in the region. You may easily launch your career in Slovakia, or wherever you’d like.

Descent Standards of Living

Slovakia has successfully transformed into a market-driven economy: today it is one of the world’s most open economies (ranked 15th in the most recent ICC Open Markets Index). Local standards of living keep increasing. Average monthly salary in Bratislava is around 2’200 EUR, ensuring comfortable conditions for living and self-development.


Ah, the beautiful Bratislava… A peaceful city with a famous castle and Danube flowing through; an interesting mix of historic and modern architecture. Honestly, spending 2 years for Master’s degree here feels more like a vacation.

But of course, this is where all the vibe goes through: unforgettable parties, big shopping malls, international companies everywhere, and some of the best universities of the Central European region.

See the World, Travel back Home

“Slovakia is a heart of Europe”, – Slovak people like to say. A trip by car from Bratislava to Budapest or Brno would take 2 hours. München, Prague, Bucharest, Krakow, or Croatian sea-shore – 5 to 6 hours. Getting to Vienna is just 40 minutes. In case you’re in the mood for a Vienna coffee.

Feeling a bit homesick? Everyone does at times. With an introduction of the cheap Wizz Air flights to Ukraine, Kyiv is just two hours away from you.

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