Information about Slovakia

A small country crowded with exceptionality

Ukraine’s western neighbor is tiny Slovakia, directly in the center of Europe. It is known for its unique nature and valuable monuments. Thanks to 9 National Park, UNESCO heritage sites and up to 180 castles and manor houses, you will certainly not get bored when studying. But it is not just about culture and nature. There are ideal conditions for summer and winter sports and thanks to the proximity to foreign capitals with good access you can discover all of Europe.

Important figures about Slovakia

Capital city: Bratislava
Area: 49,036 km²
Population: 5,445,000 people
Official language: Slovak
Currency: Euro
Calling code: +421

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The capital of Slovakia is the largest and the most populous city in the country. All important institutions are there. Thanks to the proximity to the Austrian and Hungarian border and the fact that it lies on the Danube you can take trips to neighboring countries. But do not run away just now! You will not be bored in Bratislava! It is full of students, it is the largest student town in central Europe and it’s not for nothing called “Partyslava” by young people. A student’s life can be enjoyed to the full.

EU member

The Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union since 5/1/2004. It is an integration association which consists of 28 countries. Citizens of member states are also citizens of the EU and most countries have adopted the Euro as their currency. Conditions for admission to the Union are called Copenhagen Criteria and other countries are currently trying to fulfill them.

Studying in Slovakia

For such a small country, there are 36 universities in Slovakia, so the choice is really wide. Students can choose between public and private schools. In every major city, there is a high school or its affiliates. The student life is varied, each school has a number of their own circles, societies and associations. In Slovakia, the international student association AIESEC is probably the best known.