General Conditions

A scholarship program to support Ukrainian students in Slovakia

The aim of the scholarship program is to enable talented Ukrainian students to get a quality education. It is designed for students who wish to study at the selected universities in Bratislava, whereby within the program they will be reimbursed for the study and part of the stay. Prospective students receive an education which they may apply either in Ukraine, in Slovakia, or elsewhere.

Basic information on the programme

The scholarship is available to the students with Ukrainian nationality, who have applied for studies at the selected Slovak universities.

The scholarship program fully covers tuition fees for a standard duration of study. Also, it provides monthly allowance for accommodation and other expenses for the period of studies.

The scholarship program also offers an optional internship in the Penta Investments or in one of its subsidiaries (for example, medical students may pass the internship in „Svet Zdravia”, „ProCare”, etc.). Students may obtain new work experience and skills at one of the biggest investment companies of the CEE region.

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship:

  1. Ukrainian nationality
  2. Meeting all the admission conditions given by the selected university
  3. Completing the selection process from the fund’s part: two rounds of online interviews held in late-May – June (applicants to the Faculty of Medicine will be interviewed after their entry examination separately)
  4. Signing the donation agreement formalizing the scholarship.

The selection process

Among the students who have met the application conditions, the donor selects 10-15 students on basis of the following criteria:

  • Two rounds of online interviews
  • Previous academic records of the applicant
  • Relevant academic, career and social activity of the applicant
  • Endorsement letters and certificates provided
  • Recommendations from the selection comission on the part of the university

Note that donor reserves the right to award fewer scholarships, if specified criteriae are met by less than the projected number of applicants.