Frequently Asked Questions

The question:

What expenses are covered by the ScholarshipinSlovakia program?

The program covers a full tuition fee in the given university and a monthly scholarship amounting at EUR 300 for the duration of studies

The question:

Are there any obligations or bindings from the recipient’s side?

There are no obligations from the recipient’s side. However, a student should maintain a good academic and personal record in order to continue receiving the financial aid.

The question:

Are the recipients obliged to work in Slovakia or in a specific company after a graduation?


The question:

What are the benefits for the Penta Foundation / Penta Investments of supporting the Ukrainian students in their attempt to obtain a Slovak degree?

ScholarshipinSlovakia is an educational CSR project executed by the Penta Investments. Our decision to support the bright Ukrainian students was motivated by the turbulent economic and social situation in Ukraine. Also, as a corporate entity, Penta Investments is interested in the brightest people. Therefore, we may offer optional internships to the best students.

The question:

What makes a good candidate?

The interview process is twofold. First of all, the candidate should be accepted to his/her university of choice, meeting the criteria of the given program. Apart from that, main determinants would be previous academic achievements, NGO/working experience and language proficiency.

The question:

Are interviews required?

In addition to requirements given by the academic institution, further interview particularities will be specified.

The question:

How many candidates would the program host in 2018?

We are ready to accept 10-15 new students this year. However, the number would be lower, if the condition of the selection won’t be fulfilled.

The question:

Is the good knowledge level of English required? Does the knowledge of Slovak or Czech language give any advantages during the interview process?

Depending on your study program, the knowledge of the working language is essential. Knowledge of additional languages would be a plus during selection process.

The question:

Is the application fee covered?

When submitting an application to the university, the candidate covers the application fee by himself/herself.

The question:

What kind of internship may Penta offer?

Based on the studying program and student’s talents, Penta may offer an internship to one of its subsidiaries. For more details, please visit the official web-page.

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