Age: 21

Previous University (s): Comenius University in Bratislava

Hello, Anton! We are glad to have you here. First of all, would you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Anton Kulchikovsky. I’m from Cherkasy. After finishing the middle school I’ve moved to Slovakia. I’ve been studying mathematics for my whole life, and I do so now. I like fantasy genre and football.

What was the main motivation for you to join the program?

It was the financial aid and also getting to know the new people; consequently, an opportunity to gain a work experience.

How long have you been to Slovakia? How do you like the country? Was it hard to adapt?

It’s been 4 years. I like it: people here are similar to the Ukrainians by mentality + the language isn’t hard to learn. It wasn’t hard to adapt here. At the beginning you always meet the people from your country and they help a great deal.

How many Ukrainians there are in Bratislava?

Based on the data from social medias, around 4 thousand people.

What’s your major? What do you find exciting about it?

I study applied math – a financial and economic implications of it, to be more specific. First of all, mathematics is a pure beauty. Even though most people can’t quite understand this, everyone who studies mathematics more deeply would tell you this same thing. Secondly, a knowledge of math can be applied almost everywhere.

Where would I apply the knowledge? That’s more of a philosophical question. My aim is to fulfill myself and to reach a level of comfort in my life. So far, everything’s fine with this ?

What do you do apart from studying? What are your hobbies, interests?

Well, I’ve work a bit here and there, do sports, and keep in touch with friends. Sometimes travel, sometimes play video games – nothing extraordinary.